About Derek

My name is Derek Kjenstad, 

welcome to my page of braggadocio!

I grew up in a small dairy and grain farm, in a small farm town in the midwest. I was an active care free kind of child, and I still am to this very day.

     I studied Advertising, and Speech Communications at South Dakota State University (The one and only SDSU). Gaining a Bachelors of Science, focusing in the the business and creative content production of the advertising and video production industries as a whole.

     Yes, I am that guy who wanted to became an entertainer. I have experience in front of the camera as well as behind, on and off stage development, writing, pre-production, post-production, set design, producing. Every facet of my career has blown my mind time and time again, that I work with some of the most amazing people making the most amazing projects.

   There is no such thing as a wasted experience. I work to experience a little bit of everything. You never know where someone, something or some topic might take you.

    You can talk to me about the Minnesota Vikings, the politics of buying a cake and then 3 minutes later I will give you a rant about the fact that "indubitably" is the best word in the dictionary. You never know what you will get with me, but that is also the best part of me.

 Any other information you are curious about, please feel free to contact me through my contact page.